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Since 2007

About Ozark Solar

Established 2007

Why Ozark Solar? 

We have the expertise

Established in 2007, Ozark Solar is the pioneer of solar in Northwest Arkansas.  We guarantee the value of our systems through years of experience and knowledge, working with only the best components and never sacrificing quality to reduce costs.  Our superior installations generate clean energy and savings for years to come.

We believe in Integrity

Ozark Solar strives to never leave you in the dark - honesty is our fundamental company value.  We are transparent in our costs and always give you the best value for your green dollar. We will strive to make your investment a decision you are happy about.

Our company was established in 2007 and has been bringing energy independence to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Ozark Solar Installations have produced over 1.7 Gigawatts of solar energy! Josh Whittle brings experience from thousands of Residential and Commercial installs and troubleshooting experience to lead Ozark Solar as the proud owner while still carrying on the values in service the company was built upon.


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"Once again, the $12.61 electric bill is less than the $22.72 trash hauling bill. 👍👍"

Michael Fureigh




Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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© 2020 by MAD Designs

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